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Weekly Lessons

Weekly Sewing Lessons are suitable for anyone at any age who would like to work on building their sewing skills in a supportive and focused one-on-one environment. Teaching plans are tailored to students to address any skills they hope to acquire. We offer a broad range of textile and fibre art techniques. Feel free to suggest any ideas for what you would like to learn!

Class Structure

Weekly sewing lessons are 75 minutes long, which includes one full hour of teaching time plus a 15-minute buffer to settle in, check in, and clean up after class. Specific lesson plans are developed on a case-by-case basis. The first class is typically used to assess skills and determine the student’s interests to make a plan for the future. 

Payment Schedule

Weekly sewing lessons are invoiced on the first of each month. Lessons will continue monthly unless the studio is informed in writing before the start of the next month’s session. Payments can be made by e-transfer, credit card, or cash. 


The price per session varies depending on the number of students. 


One student - $45/session

Two students - $80/session

Three students - $110/session. 


Class fees include the majority of supplies and the use of all the required tools in the studio. Additional supplies may be required for larger projects (large pieces of fabric for garment sewing or purchasing patterns, for example). These will be discussed and approved in advance, and if purchased by the instructor, they will be invoiced separately.

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel for any reason up to 48hrs before a lesson the fee can be credited towards a future class. If a lesson is cancelled due to instructor illness or bad weather the fee will automatically be forwarded to the next month’s lessons. If lessons are not continuing the following month the outstanding balance will be refunded.

Get in Touch

Email or fill out the contact form to schedule a weekly lesson.

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