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Handcrafting skills used to be handed down in families, from generation to generation. And while that was my experience, it isn't everyone's. Those skills go in and out of fashion—but the satisfaction of making by hand endures. Whether you want to take up sewing, learn embroidery, or give your kids access to the confidence learning a new skill can bring, there's an option for you!

What We

Enjoy learning in a group setting during one of our short (one or two session) in person workshops. 


Come to sewing school! These ongoing private/semi-private lessons are tailored to your interests and are suitable for learners at all stages and ages.


With more than 20 years of expertise in educating young learners, Linnet is the ideal artist to bring specialized fibre and textile art programming into your classroom. You can participate in our preplanned workshops or collaborate on original art projects tailored to resonate with you and your students.


Private lessons

Discover the joy of sewing with personalized, one-on-one instruction from an experienced professional. Whether you're a beginner or need help with a specific project, I can guide you through the process in my fully-equipped studio. With private lessons available by the hour, you have full control over your learning experience, allowing you to book only the assistance you need. Start your sewing journey today and take your skills to the next level!


Looking to make your next gathering a memorable one? Look no further! You plan the party and we’ll bring the stitching fun to you! We offer both adult and child activities that are sure to bring some fun to your event. Choose from our pre-planned options or let us help you design a custom experience tailored to your needs. Let your creativity shine and make your next party one to remember!

Linnet taught embroidery to my grade 2/3 class, and it was such a great experience for all of us! She is so patient and knowledgeable. The workshop was well-paced, differentiated, hands on, and gave all students an authentic experience! Beyond all of that, the students that were the most engaged were quite surprising to me. One of my most high-energy boys turned to me while stitching and told me how relaxing he found it. All the thumbs up.

Stephanie Elle

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